Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things from Turkey!

I can't get enough of these great gifts I got from Turkey, I couldn't wait to show you guys!

Check out the look: A laid back easy vibe, where I paired a short cream dress with a knee length white crochet slip underneath. I added a white and celery green patterned scarf for an eclectic feel. Did you know that Turkey is in the middle of Europe and Asia? How cool!

Style tips: If you layer dresses, make sure the cut lengths flatter your body when you try them on, this is so you don't end up looking bulky in some areas. Please don't be afraid to experiment with tones and textures. Here I did cream and white, with thick crochet and light polyester.

Earrings + Istanbul Notebook

Flower Necklace + Bobble Bracelet
Costa Blanca Studded Clogs

With Love,


(P.S. Fall 2011 Lookbook coming soon!)

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