Monday, April 23, 2012

Lazy Luxe

Hey guys! I asked one of my friends to take some good photo's of me for my blog. I am aware that I'm not a professional model, but he showed me some tips and tricks to make my pictures look a little more modelesque. I hope you like the new smizing that I'm trying to pull off. Also, quick disclaimer: the title for this post may or may not be the name of my new blog. I'm hoping to get a new camera that takes better quality photos, and I wanted to change the name to something a little less lame. I think "Lazy Luxe", kind of suits my style and my advice: quick and easy. What do you think? I myself don't spend hours in the morning getting ready, which is more like 20 minutes after I finally roll out of bed. Ultimately I do want to change it, when I get my new camera, and perhaps start uploading vlogs as well, who knows! But there will definitely be changes. Anyway, thanks for viewing, I appreciate it!

obviously some fierce smizing going on!

Check out the Looks: I wore a black dress from Tommy Hilfiger that had wide grey stripes. The black part had velvety material, that felt luxurious yet still comfortable. I threw on a faux fur vest that is also from Tommy, then I added a black crystal necklace, sparkle bobble ring and velvet bucket purse. I've interchanged different looks to make it more versatile, so I'll describe each style tip below each photo.

Tip: Tone down a dressy look by adding a pair of casual or punk boots. Don't be afraid to mix casual and dressy: that's the whole point of being Lazy Luxe!

Tip: Wear black suede wedges to make this an all over glamorous look for a night out.

Tip: Add an olive green anorak type jacket, and mix in a dressy casual look again for a chillier day.


With Love,


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feeling a little vintage

Hey guys, so I spent the last six days at my grandmas on vacation while my dad was down from Toronto. My sisters and I had a little fun with makeup, accessories and some vintage items. He left today, major bummer, but at least I have some photos to remember the good times!

Check out the look: I paired a girly vintage polka dot blouse with deep red lipstick and a peacock hairpiece. I brushed my hair dry in order to create a fuller more natural style.

Style tips: Have fun! Don't be afraid to play dress up with your wardrobe, you will learn how to better utilize the clothes you have while buying less. When you think about fashion-think of makeup and hair as well.


With Love,