Saturday, June 18, 2011

Runway Inspired: Bold Stripes

There are two things I am completely in love with this summer: bold stripes and bold colour. Whether you are rocking a classic black and white or a vibrant orange and yellow, stripes are just effortless and simple. Here are some vital tips, when it comes to those lines of glory!

1. Yes, we all know stripes across the body can make you look wider. This is definitely not just a myth; it's important to choose the right stripes for the right body. If you carry alot of weight on your upper half, I don't suggest medium sized stripes, especially if the garment is a tight fit. Try smaller thinner, or even more subtle stripes. Pick the right material; a cotton that flows away from the body and doesn't cling is perfect.

2. Don't go TOO trendy all over. Just to be clear stripes are also a trend this season, so its vital to pair this look with classic and simple pieces. A fitted blazer over black and white stripes looks sophisticated and works perfectly for the office. White or dark denim are also excellent options that will keep this look classy. Let the focal point BE the stripes (and your pretty face of course!).

3.Add Colour! Don't be afraid to have fun and add a splash of bold colour to this look. A bright purple or orange accessory can really make it summer appropriate! I added a coral belt :).


  1. nice outfit!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. Amazing style and beautiful blog. I'm following :)
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  3. i love stripes! your shirt is so cute! i agree with all your advice too :)