Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pure Genious: The Black and White Skirt

I bought this skirt online a couple weeks ago. I was scouting stores, online shops, and even thrift stores, for a tight fitted black and white skirt. I had originally seen this skirt while taking a stroll in the downtown market; a girl had a gorgeous black and white skirt on in a restaurant, and upon further investigation I noticed it was a Hollister or an Abercrombie skirt (I couldn't tell the difference in logo's). I checked these stores online page, and nadda; nothing. I decided I needed to just do a broader search on Ebay. I picked it up for $17.99 (minus shipping costs), and I couldn't be more pleased when I got it in the mail a couple of days ago! So here's the look, my way of styling it, and a few pieces that you can add or not add, depending on your taste. It's simple; be you, and rock it however you want, enjoy!

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