Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4 Belts You Should Own

1. The waist cinching belt

Think of this belt as a shapeless dress or top saver. It’s important to own what you ACTUALLY need in your wardrobe, not just the things you like buying. I know ladies; we are all culprits of buying lots of cute patterned tops and no plain ones. It helps to make a list of basics that you know that you need to own. You don’t need to break the bank and buy them all at once, just keep it with you, and pull it out the next time you go shopping. It really doesn’t matter WHAT your style is, a great and simple medium sized waist belt will really come in handy!

Tommy Hilfiger $59.99

2. The Skinny Belt

Ah yes, the skinny belt. A great wardrobe staple that makes any outfit look put together! Like the waist cinching belt, this is a versatile piece that can be worn with all types of pants. If you pick the right belt, you can actually use this as a waist cincher as well! You can add it to a pair of high waist flared jeans for a chic 70’s look, or throw it on a pair of black cigarette pants. This type of belt can actually slim you down as well!

The Gap $29.99

3. The Leather Brown Belt

The leather brown belt can be woven, or distressed. It looks great with a floral top or a white t-shirt. This is an especially essential piece if you have a laid back or bohemian style.

Banana Republic $49.50

4. The Black Belt

A simple black belt is a MUST. If you wear belts, then this is a belt you need to own. You can wear this belt with almost anything in your wardrobe, and its okay, if you only own this type, because this is the most flattering and versatile belt you can have. You can choose one with a gold or silver buckle detailing; just make sure it’s simple and sleek. Like everything, you can splurge or save, depending on your shopping style.

Banana republic $49.50


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